Why Simple Dino?

Simple yet robust information systems that keep up with today's pace

est 2013

Our story

We know ith certainity proven with practice that even very complex applications or information systems can offer a great user exceprience (UX) not only for your employees but alsof for your clients. A simple system leads to the minimization of user errors, speeds up work with clients and thus helps to create or deepen your competitive advantage.

The name of our company is a clever word-play and expresses our core idea and values.

The word "Simple" represents our commitment to making things simple and straightforward. In today's fast-paced and ever-accelerating world and cutthroat economic situation, companies and people don't have the time or energy to wade through complicated systems and applications, so it's highly desirable to keep them as simple as possible. With an emphasis on simplicity, Simple Dino helps clients and their clients' clients save time, effort, improve their user experience and conversions.

The word "Dino" is short for the word "dinosaur" which is often used to refer to things that are out of date, obsolete, ineffective and inefficient. We try to modernize the systems, keep them up-to-date and in line with the times so that our systems are more agile and modern and enable us to better meet the demands of the users.

The combination of these words expresses our desire to create systems that are capable of evolution and adaptation in a digital environment that is changing as fast as never before. We understand the need to stay relevant and in tune with the times, and we want to help our clients navigate the complex information technology environment.

We believe that systems that are simple in all respects (design, architecture, technology) are destined for better and longer-term adaptation to new challenges and in the light of new opportunities and are better and longer-term manageable. We are aware that users need simple and accessible information systems that will be easy to understand.

We are not afraid of success

We are fascinated by bold thoughts and new ideas

We started working with CreditPortal at the birth of the idea to create a new strong player with the best client portfolio on the non-bank credit market in Czechia. And we managed to do just that. In 2021, the company's clients received loans totaling more than CZK 130 million.
CreditPortal logo
Together with Legito, we put together the idea of a unique system for creating intelligent documents, which surpassed all competitors by a generation and soon became the most technologically advanced solution on all continents (and this status still applies today). We not only designed the system but implemented it and gradually helped the company to assemble a separate team that continues to develop the product. This product has been used for years by representatives of famous names not only from the Big Four audit firms (PwC, Deloitte), banks (UniCredit, Societe Generale, Komerční banka), multinational law firms (LexisNexis, Kinstellar, C. H. Beck, Schoenherr), insurance companies, Škoda Auto and many others.
Legito logo
With Broker Consulting and Prosperity FS, in both cases leading players in the field of financial consulting and real estate, we solved almost the same problem. In the case of Broker Consulting, we created the unique Rex system, which enabled the company to replace the current solution covering the well-established and extensive real estate section of the company while fully operational in a very sensitive real estate sector. In the case of Prosperity FS, we created a feasibility study for the transformation of the company's current IT solution provided in the cloud to its own platform and designed the transformation templates to switch systems in full operation without losing data and history.
Broker Consulting logo Prosperity FS logo
With Arbela, we created graphic branding, iconography and created one of the first mobile-first websites in Czechia. It's been 9 years and the site needed almost no changes. Traffic is growing, clients are returning, the bet on a mobile-first approach has proven to be correct, as the website is already visited almost exclusively from mobile devices.
Arbela logo
With Arbela, we created a separate project LaundryTime, which proves that even a "boring" business like a laundry can be automated and digitized successfully. And even more than a hundred branches, dozens of drivers and customers throughout Moravia need not to be an obstacle.
Arbela logo
Are you interested in what and how we do? Great! We know that the best idea and the biggest thought that will change the world one day can be missing here. Are you a big player, a medium-sized company or a startup? We know how to communicate in your environment, we know your language.
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