Spaced repetition phrase learning app

The client

We have created the app in cooperation with iMakers who provided us with the API and graphical design.

The idea

Project's goal was to create a phrase learning app based on Piotr Woniak's Spaced repetition learning technique. The app should have supported any number of languages and provide bi-directional repetitive learning of Czech translations.

Project started with Android platform with plans of continuing on iOS later on.

Target group

Our work

We have analyzed, designed and implemented the whole mobile application based on provided graphical design.

The story

The application should be quite universal in nature and should allow loading of any languages and phrases via API. This was a strong requirement we needed to take into account. It should also support playing of audio files and allow operation without active internet connection.

The main algorithm of the app allows users to state whether they knew the phrase, were not sure about the translation or didn't know it at all. Based on their response it automatically assigns scores and aids the learning process to allow continuous improvement of learning process without repeating the known phrases and with stronger focus on problematic ones.

As usually we decided to develop the app iteratively. We started with proof-of-concept and later on added more and more features. During beta testing we identified quite lengthy loading of data (mainly audio files) therefore we decided to enable downloading of the audio of the whole lesson or just a particular phrase requested.

We also created several versions of statistic reports of user's scores and finally once again decided to stick to the simplest one (because simple makes sense and simple is good).

To enable user convenience we also implemented automatic checking of updates and let user decide when to download new phrase database. We also decided to enable users to share their results on social media. But because of recent changes in Facebook API which has decided not to make use of its API any sweet we agreed not to implement sharing on this social media due to budget limitations.

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