Slevy COOL

Deal portal, mobile app

The client

First project created in cooperation with our long-term client Czech-based company COOL Solutions.

The idea

Idea of the portal was to create a new deal portal for Czech market with support of mobile devices. The system should be fully automated to allow adding deals, calculating provisions, invoicing etc.

Target group

Our work

Our tasks included whole project life-cycle. We analyzed the domain, created first prototypes and proof-of-concept version. Afterwards we proceeded with final responsive design supporting any device including smartphones and tablets. We also created the brand new Android mobile app (as a second player at the Czech market). 

To support the project we created various marketing materials (flyers, bussiness cards, posters, beverage coasters, newsletters etc.) and prepared a loyalty campaign with the use of QR codes; took care of Facebook page and advertising.

Based on analytic data and user experience testing we executed multiple changes to the design and concept. You can find more information about our services in UX at

The story

Although we have previosly created a deal portal this website was a real challenge. We needed to implement brand new HTML 5 WYSIWYG editor for back-end to allow operation of less skilled personel.

We also needed to:

Some of our plans (mainly the prepared loyalty campaign and several modifications of the deal offering concept) unfortunatelly were not fully executed due to the shift of the market shortly after the project launch. The project is currently not being developed for this reason.

Slevy Cool Android app

Marketing materials


We have created several concepts and took care of A/B testing of different version. For example we created different advertisments for our mobile app directly at the site, in newsletters etc.:

We created a marketing concept for loyal customers. The point was to collect 10 out of 10 companies in the same category. This way we opened a whole new channel of advertisemet (which the whole deal industry is in its true nature). We decided to use stickers and beverege coasters with QR codes and specially designed mobile app to provide additional benefits.


We are not afraid of any medium. What about a wall?