End-to-end secure VoIP audio/video calling for Android platform

The client

The project was created in cooperation with iMakers company.

The idea

Idea of the project was to create a platform to allow end-to-end secure VoIP calling using currently available technologies and hardware (Android and iOS smartphones).

The basis of the project was to use already existing open-source projects and customize them to match the requirements.

Target group

Our work

Our main focus at the project was to modify existing open-source app, rebrand it and implement additional features (contact list separated from Android, messaging features, secure imports/exports etc.).

The story

Although at first we just wanted to rework the graphical user interface of the app we later decided to rework most of the functionality completely due to unexpectedly low quality of the original code (created using JAIN native libraries).

Because we needed to support globally trusted certificates we had to implement their support for Android as well. We also implemented many of new functionalities that were not present at first: ability to store contacts independently of Android contact storage, ability to export/import contacts to/from secured files, ability to send contacts via SMS, handling of optimized audio and video codecs and much more.

We have successfully implemented required functionality for the app and overcame many of issues that emerged. It is currently planned to rework whole SRTP protocol handling layer because of its low quality and sometimes poor performance on old Android devices. This is planned to be done using native Android libraries without any additional layer to speed up the performance.