Paprov agregtor Magazine

Your paper aggregator of deals

The partner

Czech-based company COOL Solutions.

The idea

Our long-term client COOL Solutions came up with the idea to create printed paper version of deal aggregators.

At that time (summer 2012) deal agregators were very popular on Czech market and they were massively overpriced for the deal portals. The idea was to enable convenience (printed take-away newspaper) and provide much cheaper alternative of marketing for deal portals.

Target group

Our work

We completely analyzed the whole concept and possibilities, technically and graphically designed the product and implemented it.

The story

After a few brainstorming sessions we aggreed to create web information system allowing to fully automated generation of outputs for professional high-volume printing. In the next stage the portal should have allowed public access for customers to be able to insert requested deals to be promoted themselves. The payments would have been realized fully on-line.

The project was a challenge beginning with the first steps. We needed to:

We have successfully created the information system and allowed generating of high-volume professional PDF/X materials and produced first two issues of the magazine and distributed over 80.000 copies just in a few days. All copies distributed were gone in a few moments.

Unfortunatelly the market has changed at that time and there suddenly was not much public interest in deal portals any more. We have not finished the implementation of reservation and payment system to allow online customer-operated insertion of content.

But we got noticed by big market players! We were also advertised in large Czech daily magazine MF Dnes.


Printed magazine cover preview