Redesign and new visual identity of e-shop with mobile phones

The Client

Mediahost company responsible for the delivery of the technical solution.

The Idea

The redesign of the e-shop was mainly motivated by the need of creating the comfortable environment for customers. The primary focus of the solution was the solution based on content-first approach. It should not cause any distractions for customers and allow them to navigate very simply and focused with the strong call for action.

Our Work

We were responsible for creating the graphical desing of the website, logo and uplifting of the visual identity of Mobilgen brand.

Target Group

Customers interested in up-to-date information about current mobile phones ideally considering the purchase of a new device.

The Story

After hearing the vision of the Client we were honestly really pleased :-). The ideas were very brief on one side (the solution should be modern, minimalistic, eye-catching and clean). On the other hand they contained the most important aspect - strong focus on content, presentation of the products and providing the necessary information to the customer. Quite a brief specification was suddenly very clear and we were more than happy to start working on this project. The modern and minimalistic website design with appropriate color palette was a sure way to go, as many times before.