CCIS Voices (DISCom)

Comunication, analytical and assistive platform for security agency

The Client

Detektivn Informan Sluba — security agency operating in Czech republic, Slovak republic and Hungary.

The Idea

The target of the project was the creation of communication solution to allow immediate communication between guards as well as with the operating center. The solution was supposed to allow communication immediately, but also store the recorded data in case the auditing of the incident will be required later on. It was really important to enable the communication even if the conditions of the Internet connection were poor.

Target Group

Our Work

We took care of the whole project life-cycle:

The Story

The projects works really well as a proof that we accept challenges. It was really soon when we found out the Android platform is not mature enough for a similar solution. During the first project stages it was clear we will not be able to use existing platform possibilities and will need to create a custom solution for capturing, securely transmitting and playing of the audio from/to the server from scratch.

The solution uses our custom-developed technology to capture and stream the audio with the aim of being secure from loses, being damaged or changed by a potential attacker. The platform is capable of transmitting the audio in almost any conditions and using any internet connection including the unstable and low-performing ones and is robust enough to handle potential cnnection drops without any data being lost..

Playing of the recordings is based on the groups of communicating devices. It is being taken care of using push messages to minimize the data traffic and allow immediate start of audio playing.

We are working on many extensions to this concept in areas of recorded content: picture, video, GPS data, nearby NFC sensors etc.