You & Eni Agip

Android mobile app for Agip

The client

We have created the app in cooperation with iMakers which provided us with the API and graphical design.

The idea

The idea was simple. To create a benefit program for loyal clients of the company with support of mobile apps (Android in the beginning).

Target group

Our work

We have analyzed, designed and implemented the whole mobile application based on provided graphical design.

The story

Although the application uses quite common design pattern -- listing of objects and displaying markers on the map, we experienced several issues down the road. At the time Google has officially deprecated its Android version V1 of Google Maps and the upcomming version V2 was not quite ready for production (it was unstable, buggy and caused various issues with other widgets being used as well).

We also needed to optimize the application to handle large amounts of data, pictures and map markers which was quite complicated on low-end smartphones. In the end due to Google's decision not to support Android 2.2 and below in the only accessible version of Google Maps we needed to allow users of Android 2.2 to use the aplication itself without experiencing a crash. With a few tricks we managed to get this done as well with application running as smoothly as possible including the fancy sliding menu.

You & Eni Agip CZ Android app