Sparky Cube

Solution to reward your clients

The Idea

To create an online platform that would ease the process of rewarding e-shops' loyal customers and minimize the cost of doing so. We intend to achieve this goal using network of co-operating e-shops mutually helping each other.


Soon after initial launch it was clear we will not be able to gain enough customers to order products from other e-shops. Therefore we pivoted the project and recided to create a solution to make rewarding of the clients and/or employees easier. We also decided to allow any company to sell its product (not requiring it to be an e-shop).


Target group

Our Work

Except the initial idea (to create a loyalty program) the whole platform was and is being designed and developed by our team.

Future is uncertain but we are very much excited by the whole concept and can already see the opportunities to grow this concept rapidly.

The story

It all started as an idea of creating the loyalty program to ease the pain for single e-shops and add some special effects (first idea was a huge cube being crushed to smaller cubes containing the prizes) while doing so. While brainstorming this idea we soon realized the potential for this concept to connect more e-shops and co-operate in providing loyalty programs as well as exchange contacts for perspective customers.

Currently we have expanded the scope of the project to allow:

We're currently supporting the Slovak and Czech market, but if the proof of concept is successful we wish to expand internationally.